How Well Do You Know Beans?

How Well Do You Know Beans?

I was determined to know beans.” – Henry David Thoreau, The Bean-Field

How about you? How well do you know beans?

Creamy cannellinis, meaty garbanzos, sweet adzuki, tender pintos, and so many more – beans are one of the most powerful, nutrient-dense plant foods around.

Consider this: Beans are packed with tons of fiber, as well as plenty of iron and protein. They are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are low in calories. Plus, studies have found them to lower the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

What To Do With Beans

Many people avoid beans because they just don’t know what to do with them. Are you one of them? Keep reading:

  • Toss beans and diced veggies (such as celery, shallots, and red peppers) with vinaigrette for a bean salad.
  • Blend cooked beans with tomatoes, onions, and your favorite seasonings to create a yummy bean soup.
  • Top a green salad with 1/3 cup of your favorite bean.
  • Puree beans with a bit of olive oil, a garlic clove, salt, and your favorite seasonings. Voila! A fast dip or sandwich spread.
  • Add beans to eggs. Top with avocado and salsa!
  • Add 1/4 cup pureed beans to your favorite pancake, waffle, muffin, or cake recipe. You’ll be surprised at how moist and springy baked goods are when baked with beans.

If you’re new to cooking with beans, try these tips:

  • Wash and soak dried beans for 8-12 hours before cooking.
  • After soaking, rinse, fill a pot with fresh water, bring to a boil, then skim off the foam.
  • To aid digestion, add kombu, bay leaf, cumin, anise, or fennel to the water.
  • Cover and simmer for the suggested time.
  • Remember: only add salt at the end of cooking (about 10 minutes before the beans are done) or it will interfere with the cooking process.
  • Quick tips: for speedier prep, boil dried beans for 5 minutes, then soak for 2-4 hours. Or use canned beans instead. (Some people find them even easier to digest!) Be sure to avoid canned beans with added salt or preservatives and rinse thoroughly once removed from the can.

Get Even Healthier!

Would you like help learning how to choose and cook healthy foods like beans? Curious about how health coaching can help you make your own healthy changes? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today – or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

4 Ways to Create Habits that Last

4 Ways to Create Habits that Last

Start Early in the Day
Your willpower tends to be highest at the beginning of the day, so harness that energy and use it to your advantage.  A great example is crockpot cooking: your desire to be healthy can motivate you to toss ingredients into a crockpot in the morning, so you’re not dealing with cooking when you’re tired after a long day at work.

Make Habits Convenient
If something is difficult or complicated to do, it’s even less enjoyable when you’re doing it over and over.  Make sure that whatever habits you’re trying to establish are:

  • simple
  • relatively easy and, if there’s any complexity (like needing a packed gym bag)
  • scheduled into your routine so it’s easy to get it

Have Fun!
If you’re doing something you hate, you’re not going to magically fall in love with it by doing it over and over.  Some people say you should “change what you think is fun”, but I’m not sure that’s realistic.  Instead, find things that you actually enjoy doing and establish these as your habits!

Use Action Triggers
Triggers are things that automatically lead to something else happening.  A trigger you might have now would be something like: finish eating dinner, rinse plate and put in dishwasher.  So the rinsing of the plate was triggered by the finishing of a meal.  Similarly, see how you can tie new habits to other actions.  For example: include a 10 minute stroll at the end of lunchtime.  After a while, every time you eat lunch you’ll think to yourself: “I should take a quick walk now!”

Using these types of techniques to establish habits can be the difference between success and failure.  As you look to establish even more healthy habits, take a peek at the new program I’m offering to help you do just that – set up healthy food and activity habits for weight loss and lifelong maintenance.   Check Out the Art of Aging!



Healing With Gratitude

Healing With Gratitude

Want to know a simple secret to happiness?


Yes, it’s really that simple.

It is very beneficial to write down the things in your life for which you are grateful.  It can be as simple as a beautiful flower you saw on a walk or as profound as the love you have for your family. It can instantly put you in a new state of happiness and awareness of all your blessings.  When you do this on a day that is particularly trying, it actually has the power to change the direction of your entire day!

There is nothing more powerful to change your perspective than to be grateful.

Life is always presenting challenges and ups and downs. We are constantly living with a challenge, getting past a challenge or starting a challenge.  Our character and strength have continuous opportunities to grow.

Sometimes it is hard to understand why we have these challenges. Some examples might be:

Why does my friend have cancer?

Why do small children become sick and suffer?

Why is that customer so difficult to deal with?

Regardless of the scope or size of the challenge, there is always one thing challenges have in common: the opportunity to grow. No matter how bad things are in our lives, there is always a reason to be grateful. By focusing on our purpose and blessings, we are able to put the negativity in its place.  When the negative becomes our sole focus that is what we will find, and we will become self involved and swallowed up by the problems.

By focusing on what is good and right in our life, the bad things recede and become smaller and we experience an opportunity for growth.

A prayer of gratitude:

Be Thankful

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire,

If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don’t know something

For it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.

During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations

Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge

Because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes

They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you’re tired and weary

Because it means you’ve made a difference.

It is easy to be thankful for the good things.

A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are

also thankful for the setbacks.

GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles

and they can become your blessings.

~ Author Unknown ~

Gratitude list for the day….

I am grateful for abundance today…

the sunshine

bright ideas

a loving spouse

little hugs and BIG good mornings



I’d love to hear how gratitude shifted a negative or bad day for you? Share with me below.


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Teri Sewell Huff

Teri Sewell Huff

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Teri is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert who mixes her passions of holistic nutrition, vision boards, travel, fitness, liquid nutrition (juicing and blending), and adventure into a lifestyle program.

Teri swears by:

  1. Clean eating,
  2. Staying active no matter where she is,
  3. Regular cleanses,
  4. Paying attention to how she feels,
  5. Mixing up her workouts,
  6. Striving for balance.

As a Health Coach, Teri enthusiastically support her clients in the pursuit of their greatest asset: optimal health. Her approach with coaching is that we all could benefit from eating more Plant-Based Foods but it’s for you to decide.  Teri is there to help you obtain your wellness goals and will meet you where you’re at.

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The Truth About Detoxing

The Truth About Detoxing

The truth about detoxing – 4 biggest myths debunked

Thanks to much of what we hear in the media, detoxing has earned a reputation for being unhealthy and even unsafe. When you hear the word “detox,” so you immediately think of all-liquid diets, expensive supplements and short-term deprivation for short-term gains?

The truth is, a detox doesn’t have to involve any of the above—and if you detox in a healthy, supportive manner, you can achieve lasting results in weight loss, energy gain and full-body health.

The following are four myths you may have heard about detoxing. Understandably, these myths may cause you to be  hesitant to try a detox.

Keep reading to find out the truth behind these myths and why detoxing might be just what your body is craving.

 Myth # 1: You won’t enjoy anything you’re eating while on a detox.

While you might have to eliminate certain foods that you enjoy, detoxing isn’t all about eating lettuce with a drizzle of olive oil. There are many delicious recipes that can be prepared using healthy ingredients that not only taste amazing, but nourish and detox your body.

The best part is, many of them don’t involve any fancy ingredients and can be prepared even by a cooking novice. In fact, my detox participants always discover new foods and recipes that they absolutely love that have become staples in their diets long after the detox ends.

 Myth #2:  You’ll constantly be hungry while detoxing.

While you might end up consuming fewer calories while following a detox, you shouldn’t feel deprived or hungry. Going on an extremely low-calorie diet can actually disrupt your hormones and metabolism, making your body less efficient in the long run.

Everyone’s caloric needs are different, so a detox should never dictate how many calories you consume. By consuming whole foods that provide you with the right nutrients, you help detox your body while feeling satisfied.  My participants are always amazed that they never feel hungry during my detoxes.

 Myth #3:  You need to do an all-liquid detox to remove toxins from your body.

Liquid-only detoxes have had more than their fair share of popularity. These types of detoxes can backfire: Not only do people often gain the weight back as soon as the detox ends, but such restrictive eating for several days can be detrimental to your health. An effective detox will include a variety of whole foods to help nourish your body and produce long-term results.

Myth #4: Detoxes are just a way for people to make money on expensive supplements.

Supplements involved in a detox should be just that, a supplementary part of the program, not the primary source of your nutrition.  While on a detox, you get most of your vitamins and minerals from whole-food sources.

Supplements may be recommended to help your body make the most of the nutrients it receives from these foods.  For example, by including probiotics in your diet, you help your body produce vitamins, absorb minerals and remove toxins from the body.

Aside from the benefits discussed above, detoxing is an incredibly effective way to identify if you have any food sensitivities, balance your hormones, and establish healthy habits for the long term.

I’ve worked with detox participants who not only have lost weight and kept it off, but who have also seen their energy level skyrocket, their skin clear up and even their allergies disappear.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of healthy detoxing for yourself?
Click here to learn more about my upcoming [insert name of program]. 
[insert link to sales page]

It starts on [insert start date].  Register by [insert early bird deadline] to save $XX.

What questions or concerns do you have about participating in a detox?
Before you try something new, like a detox, it’s normal to feel hesitant.  I want to hear from you. Hit “reply” or email me at [insert your email address]. I read every email that comes into my inbox and I promise to email you back personally.


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